IMDb profile:


Completed Works

Four Degrees of Jonas Rydell (2011, short)                           Writer / Director

Shades of Darkness (2007 and 2010, short) (Swedish)        Writer / Director

Thoughtography (2010, short)                                                   Co-writer

Clouded Away (2009, short) (Japanese)                                  Writer / Director

When West Meets East: The Life and Legacy of Gertrude Bass Warner (documentary short, 2006) (Nominated for a Student Emmy Award, Northwest Chapter)                                                                                                                                              Director

City Mail Cup (2002, documentary) (Swedish)                            Director / Producer

Estonia: Ten Years of Independence (2001, documentary)      Director / Producer

Survivor: The Truth (2000, documentary) (Swedish)                Director / Producer

The Mystical Man (1998, feature) (Swedish)                                Writer / Director


In Development

Tokyo Stories (four thematic magic realism shorts set in Tokyo)     Writer / Director

The Secret of the Five Colored Lakes (working title) (feature, mystery/thriller)                                                                                           Co-writer / Co-director

Raging (feature)                                                                                            Co-writer

A Kegful of Gold (documentary about the Golden Gai bar district in Tokyo, Japan, co-sponsored by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee)                          Producer / Director


For acting and other film credits, see IMDb profile.


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